This site is a compendium of the artist's output from 1993 to the present and contains images of oil paintings, drawings, and work in other media.


Jon Carver is the author of the fourth title in the innovative New Mexico Artist Series, 3-D art/techné spotlights once again the extraordinary art and artistic life in New Mexico today.

This website was made possible by a generous grant from collector Bob Clearwater.


Jon Carver, Strange Flower,
oil on canvas, 15 x 15", 1999

Carver's oil paintings are at once allegorical and personal. His work is reminiscent of Byzantine Art, Balthus, Modigliani, Feltus, and Rego, and is heavily influenced by a wide reading of art history and a belief in the importance of the figurative element through 30 thousand years of human expression.

These hypnagogic figures echo recognizable archetypes, but are deeply individual and immediate. Thematically, Carver focuses on an everyday metaphysics of imagination, intimacy, sexuality, dreams, and memory.

He employs a traditional oil glazing technique that creates a saturation and luminosity of color in timeless, vibrant compositions. Carver's work displays the sensibilities of a consummate colorist interacting with universal human states.